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Juan Martín García — a designer, front-end developer, teacher and speaker from Argentina. I have a Degree in Graphic Design, and I've worked for companies across the globe, as well as an outsourcing partner for many web and design agencies.

Since 2016 I’ve partnered the UX/UI Studio Cacao, and I spend most of my time there researching, designing and developing digital products, mainly websites, apps, and e-commerce websites.

This is me, during a public class at the UBA. Photo Credit: Cátedra Cosgaya

This is me, during a public class at the UBA
Photo Credit: Cátedra Cosgaya.

I started developing websites when I was 15 and Flash was the thing. Since then, I’ve been constantly trying to improve my skills and stay up-to-date with new methods and technology.

My main goal when I build digital products is to engage the user to come back. That's why my job is far from finished when the graphical work is done: I consider the frontend development (HTML, CSS and JS) as a core part of my field of activity.


  • HTML5, Jade, Slim, Blade

  • CSS3, Sass, Stylus

  • JavaScript, JQuery, Node, Gulp

  • PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Ruby on Rails


As a self-taught person, everything I know is due to the contribution of countless members of the developer community, and that's why I take very seriously to share what I've learned back. I regularly have speaking events on the most diverse topics: from accessibility to Front End Dev; from UX to life itself. I’m a lead instructor at Coderhouse where we teach courses and workshops, and in my ex-university, the glorious UBA (University of Buenos Aires).

Working Experience

Place Role Years
Cacao Büro Partner 2016-Present
Freelancing Web Designer & Developer 2007-Present
Cacao Büro Web Designer & Developer 2014-2016
Catrasca Ediciones Graphic & Editorial Design 2012-2014
Loft Estudio Photography Assistant 2010

I’m a huge fan of sports. When I’m not creating websites, I love playing basketball, watching soccer games, spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends, traveling, and fooling around with my lovely cat Milo.