Cute illustration of myself

I'm Juan Martín García,

and I teach about Coding, UX and Design

and I design breath-taking interfaces

and I develop websites you'll fall in love with

and I play basketball although I'm not very tall

and I believe that teaching is transforming

and I can train your work team

and I like the color blue

and I have taught more than 2000 hours of class (and counting!)

and I have a UX/UI Digital Agency named Cacao

and without version control life doesn't make sense

and I teach at my university to give back everything it taught me

and I develop consistent, scalable and visually appealing websites

and I'm learning all the time

and I have a cat that looks like a lion

and I use emojis on my classes

and I don't start designing until I've analyzed metrics

and although this is my website, I don't work alone

and I don't start working until I've spoken with the user

and I'm a little workaholic

and I develop inclusive and accessible websites

More about me

Long story short.


studied graphic design in the University of Buenos Aires, but I was always curious about programming languages.

I’ve been experimenting with websites since I was 15 years old. I’m also a teacher at my ex-university, and over the last few years I’ve started sharing what I self-learned through courses and conferences. — READ FULL BIO


I come from a family of teachers, and the apple does not fall far from the tree, as people say. This is what I can teach you and your employees through my both online and presential courses:

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I can proudly say that I have not only worked for renowned companies, but also for excellent professionals and people. Here a short list of them:

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